Key Watch






ADEMCO's 5804WATCH provides you with the best technology in the simplest, most user-friendly form believable. All of the great features and capabilities of the 5804 four-button wireless key are combined in this device with the practicality and durability of a Timex™ digital wristwatch. 


Quantity    5804WATCH   $92.99     




Key Fob







If you like convenience and ease of operation, you'll find ADEMCO's Wireless Remote Control Keyfob irresistible. About the same size as a remote car alarm key, it provides many of the features of a traditional security system keypad.


Quantity    5804kfob   $36.99




Remote Talkin Fob








The simplicity of wireless remote operation is an excellent option for all home security systems, supplying users with personal control of their own home security systems. With easy one button operation and needing you to remember no codes, the 5804BDV is incredibly simple to use. Four button remote verbally designates system status in plain-English. Designed to be easily worn on a belt or conveniently clipped to a car visor.


Quantity    5804BDV   $109.99




Duel Wireless Transmitter






Detailed Description Sleek good-looking design, entirely supervised portable panic device Uses dual-button action Can be used as a pendant or a belt clip (belt clip included) Ships with lithium battery, user-changeable


Quantity    5802MN2   $45.99




Wireless Portable Panic






Panic Device Single button "Press and Hold" action to ensure very few accidental alarms. Splash resistant body. Uses a sealed lithium battery


Quantity    5802MN   $42.99



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