Recessed Wireless Door Contact






Contact sensor that supplies unnoticeable protection for a door or a window. Sold with a tapered cylinder for easy and flush installment Sold with a self-contained transmitter, reed sensor, battery & recessed mounting magnet Includes a standard white plastic case; brown cases are also available (5818BR); plastic cover-up plug also included


Quantity    5818   $43.99 



Window transmitter






Special two-zone transmitter Includes a built-in reed switch and tamper protection Sold with battery Includes an external contact loop Dimensions: 3-1/16"H x 1-9/16"W x 1-3/16"D One Magnet.


 Quantity    5816   $29.99



OverHead Door Contact






Adjustable magnet with L bracket for quick & easy installation Sold with standard 24" armored cable Has a standard gap of 2-3/8" (60mm) minimum Sealed with epoxy for ideal guarding against moisture and impact Heavy-duty "Shock absorber" style keeps reed safe from flex or damage to housing


Quantity    959   $18.99



Surface Contacts






Mounts with screws or adhesively Screw terminals remove the need for wire splicing and soldering Has a standard 1" (25mm) gap


Quantity    945TWH   $3.59



Recessed Contact





3/8" diameter "stubby" style Standard 7/16" (11mm) gap Comes with 18" long leads


Quantity    GI20RSTWH   $3.59



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